Friday, September 26, 2008

Hold My Sock

Yarn Harlot started it, knitters everywhere continue it. Having someone significant hold your sock for a picture is something that seems odd, but when you're a knitter, including your projects in such a way raises the importance of both the sock and the subject of the picture. At least, that's what I think.

Last weekend, Naomi and I drove down to West Virginia (talk about a long road trip) for Lora Leigh's Reader Appreciation Weekend, known as RAW. There, I got to hang with many people I see online all the time and with authors of such wonderful talent and imagination. I brought along stuff to finally begin the second sock to match this:
Spring Forward
Spring Forward at Knitty. I finished the first one over a month ago. Second Sock Syndrome hits me hard. I'm working on that, though.

Anyway, I cast on the second sock while I was at RAW's Friday night slumber party. Everyone (okay, most) wore pyjamas and we ate pizza and danced to the tunes of a very enthusiastic DJ. The next day, there was a private booksigning just for RAW attendees and a Masquerade Ball that evening. I got pictures of said sock along with people I know and love. Most took it in stride when I said "hold my sock," but the funniest was Lora Leigh, who looked at me suspiciously and asked "Is it contagious?", which is the exact thing she said when I told her earlier in the evening that I was pregnant. LOL

Naomi (left) and Kimberly, who was being cheeky and used her cleavage as a shelf.
Sock, Naomi, and Kimberly

Danita, who had the coolest "mask" at the ball.
Sock and Danita

Diane, who is one of the finest examples of all that is good about human beings.
Sock and Diane

Jill, who somehow withstands the blazing oven-like heat of Arizona every summer.
Sock and Jill

Author Lora Leigh, who came up with the idea of RAW originally and who also writes excellent books.
Sock and Lora

Mel, who liked the sock so much she didn't even look away from it while holding it.
Sock and Turquoise

Me and Nalini Singh, one of my favorite authors and an utter sweetheart.
Sock, Courtney, and Nalini

Me and JR Ward, an incredibly lovely and gracious woman who writes books I kind of have a thing for.
Sock, JR, and Courtney

It was a great weekend. A lot of driving to get there and back, but totally worth it. I likely won't be going next year because, assuming all goes well, I will have a four month old baby in addition to Peanut and traveling that much for so little time there seems pretty crazy.

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azteclady said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures of RAW, Courtney--one of these years, I'll be able to attend a conference too ;-)

And seriously, you are gorgeous! Many blessings for all your family.