Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holidays are done

And I'm really happy about that. I was a total Grinch this year until a good friend gave me an unexpected gift, then I was happy and comforted by it until after Christmas was over. Christmas itself was busy and packed with people. I got some nice stuff. So did Peanut. Hubby got jipped by his parents, but got a nice one from my parents.

But now it's all done and I'm relieved. My appetite dipped low and the day after the family get togethers were done, I didn't eat anything at all. I just didn't feel hungry. I also spent too much time on the computer. It seems that the holidays threw me into a little depressive trench, which was bad. Hopefully the need for clean clothes and errands to get my meds and wedding ring back from the jeweler will drag me bodily out of the funk, not to mention the fun Movies and Mahem Day at Rachel's tomorrow. Knitting, movies, Peanut, and friends--what could be better?


Steph said...

Ha Courtney, Don't feel to bad about the holiday depressive state. A lot of people get that, and as long as you are aware of it and work to correct it all should be well. It looks like you are working on making life feel better. You seemed to be having fun on Sunday at Rachele's. Keep up the hard work.

Naomi said...

It's so easy to hit a slump after the festivities are done. It doesn't help that it hasn't been sunny around here. I hope you're doing better, sweetie. And know you can always call or email or IM me. I'm here for you, babe.


Naomi said...

How are you doing, sweetie? Been thinking about you. :)