Monday, December 17, 2007

Done!!! Sorta...

I made scarves for my mom, dad, and sister in law, a shawl for my sister, decorative pillow covers for my brothers, and a flax seed hot pad for my brother in law. I crocheted more snowflakes and starched them. The spray starch works great, by the way.

I have seven shirt boxes, all filled and wrapped except for my younger brother's box. My mom is going to do some last minute sewing for me on that one when she gets the package. I'm sending them this afternoon. My side of the family is DONE! *happy dance*

Except I have to do a couple more things: Peanut's name was in the family gift drawing and I have do find/make a gift for a little boy about her age. I'm thinking a simple scarf, maybe out of Homespun. Or I can just dig in the stash and see what I find. I still need to do more snowflakes. They are my all-purpose gift. Everyone is getting one, basically. And I need to do gloves for Trin, fingerless with a mitten attatchment. There's a pattern on Knitpicks, but I have one in my Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns that I can fiddle with and make it work just fine.

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