Monday, February 4, 2008


I figure here is as good a place as any to keep track of my knitting and crochet projects. It's easy to access, stored in internet space instead of my harddrive, and is in a format my computer-challenged brain can understand.

Yes, ladies, I am avoiding Ravelry. It will become another form of online crack. I already have enough of those. *wink*

Anyway, I am actually going to post pictures this time around. My biggest current WIP (work in progress for all you non-knitters) is a hooded poncho for Peanut. It is one of the few patterns on Lion Brand's free pattern index that is truly worth knitting.
I'm knitting it in bulky purple cotton that I had tons of. Well, I no longer have tons of it. The poncho ate it up. All I have left to knit on this is the hood and the pocket, then can seam the aforementioned hood and block the whole thing. I'm skipping the pocket because it would be one more place for Peanut to hide things like food pieces. I figure this will be nice for the summer when it is cool enough for a sweater or when we're in a place that's a littel chilly, like a store or something.

Another WIP is a crochet log cabin baby blanket for my sister. It was a "good fertility vibes" project because she and her husband were trying to get pregnant and it must have worked because she is indeed pregnant! I'm looking forward to being an auntie. She's already calling me for advice and info. It's awesome. The blanket is made out of a bulky called Stylecraft Charleston, a yarn I got when Three Kittens changed owners and had a big sale.
It's not my favorite project, but I'm determined. It's soft and fuzzy and machine washable, so it's nice for a baby project. Also, the nice thing about crocheting a log cabin as opposed to knitting one is that it is completely reversible.

WIP #3 is a crocheted shawl using a lovely dark blue Trekking that has light blue in it every once in a while. I'm enjoying working with it. Here's a picture of the shawl I found online:
As soon as I finish the shawl, which is a gift for a dear friend, the remainder of the Trekking will be used for baby socks. If I'm gonna finally knit socks, I want to spoil myself from the get-go with nice yarn.

Me = FiberSnob. And I've made peace with that.

An ongoing thing I'm doing is cotton things to sell in June. Long story. I decided to do some Swiffer covers:
My colors are different, but that's the basic pattern I'm using. The Ball band pattern from Sugar N Cream cotton is simple enough to memorize and be easy but not so boring as to be a drag to knit. I'm enjoying these, especially since I finally got buttons.

I have some projects in mind to cut down on my stash. Said stash is organized, but I need to really consider what to do with it all. Because of my new status as an expecting auntie, I of course have tons of baby projects in mind, like this one:
Is that not the cutest little bathmitt ever? Peanut needs one, too. So two of these are in my personal queue.

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