Sunday, August 5, 2007

Countdown to RAW 2007!

As many of you may know, I'm going to an event in September where I'll get to meet a bunch of authors I read. RAW, or the Reader Appreciation Weekend, will be a blast because I'll not only be meeting all my favorite authors, but I get to meet Maggie, my best friend who lives in Delaware, and several of the women I talk with on JR Ward's message boards. I'm so excited, I made a countdown ticker:

So I need to take my car in for some maintainance, get my eyes checked for a new contact lens prescription (my last one ran out in February), and a couple other things. This will be a blast!


Lisa said...

twenty-five days left till your book thingy-, twenty-five days till your thing- take one down, pass it around...

jackietoo said...

Have fun!!!!! Bring back lots of BDB tidbits and be prepared to share! :D

aka JRBel

jackietoo said...

By the by, who's on Peanut duty?